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      48M3 automatic control of furnace gas Shuttle Kiln of Xibao Metallurgical Material Co., Ltd

      1£® Actual kiln volume£º48m³£»
      2£® Number of kiln inside car: 4 sets£»
      3£® Kiln car size£º
      4£® Number of high speed burners: 8 pieces£»
      5£® Maximum firing temperature£º970¡æ£»
      6£® Firing product:three-piece;
      7£® Fuel:Furnace gas £»
      8£® Firing atmosphere :Oxidizing atmosphere£»
      9£® Kiln door type: Electric lift door£»
      10£® Fans: One combustion air fan, one exhaust flue gas fan,one incineration fan£»
      11. 8 burners with automatic igniting, flame monitoring, explosion-proof£»
      12. 8 points temperature automatic control, Japanese Omron controllers, Chinese high quality valves are adopted, Temperature measuring elements are double platinum-rhodium thermocouple£»
      13. 1 point kiln pressure automatic control, Japanese frequency inverter is used£»
      14. 1 point air flow automatic control, Japanese frequency inverter is used£»
      15. 1 point furnace gas flow automatic control£»
      16. 1 point exhaust flue gas temperature automatic control and 1 point incineration temperature control.

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