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      • TEL£º029-88328396
      • FAX£º029-88333844
      • E-mail£ºhxkiln@126.com
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      Xi’an Hengxin Kiln Technology Co Ltd is a professional kiln company offering integrated services i.e. research design, manufacturing, and installation to the clients. The company consists of design and development, technology, manufacturing, commission departments. It is located in Xi’an high-tech development district .
      Xi’an Hengxin Kiln Technology Co Ltd is strong in technical resources and has rich experiences in design, installation, and commission for the kilns. By assimilating and absorbing foreign advanced technology and constant innovation, the company has designed and built more than100 of different kilns for ceramic, refractory, electric ceramics, new building material, metal thermal treatment industries for 5 years. The effects of the kilns are all excellent.
      In recent years, by technique innovation, Xi’an Hengxin Kiln Technology Co Ltd. has got satisfying achievement in high temperature kilns and nitrogen atmosphere kilns. The company designed and built 1800C high temperature shuttle kilns and nitrogen atmosphere kilns for large refractory enterprise, Chinese-foreign joint enterprise and single invested foreign enterprise. It also took the initiative in applying low thermal value gas in high temperature material field. By advance combustion technique and automatic ratio controlling, low thermal value gas has able to satisfy the requirement of high temperature kiln. It provides reliable assurance of equipment for the development of refractory and high temperature material of our country.
      By strong technical resources, lofty credit and quality service, the business of Xi’an Hengxin Kiln Technology Co Ltd has developed to beijing, shanghai, tianjing, zhongqing city, hebei, shangxi, henan, jiangsu, zhejiang, guizhou, neimenggu and guangdong province. In 2005 year, Xi’an Hengxin Kiln Technology Co. Ltd went abroad and joined to design and building 90m, 1800C magnesium-chromium brick high temperature tunnel kiln for SRIC of Thailand. The energy consumption target and use performance all has reached advance international standards.
      Xi’an Hengxin Kiln Technology Co., Ltd. strengthens cooperation with international companies. In recent years, our company made technique exchange and business cooperation successively with Krosaki Sujia Refractories of Japan, Morgan of U.K., Saint-Gobain Ceramics of France, SIRC of Thailand ,etc. . We have won excellent credits.
      Xi’an Hengxin Kiln Technology Co., Ltd. believes in tenets of “Credit basic, Quality foremost “in the whole process .By first class technique and first class service, Xi’an Hengxin Kiln Technology Co., Ltd would supply first class kiln products for friends from all walks of life. And we would study, research and develop new kiln technique to propel the kiln industry of our country forward together with all domestic and foreign friends.


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